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Documenting a patient's case history to inform physicians how the patient has been evaluated and the subsequent progression of his or her disease is arguably the oldest method of communicating medical evidence. And in the 21st century case reports play an equally important role.

Since the launch of Journal of Medical Case Reports in 2007 and the more recent introduction of case reports to the broad-scope journal BMC Research Notes, BioMed Central has acknowledged the value of case reports to the scientific record.  To strengthen this commitment we have developed a valuable new resource – Cases Database, a continuously-updated, freely-accessible database of thousands of medical case reports from multiple publishers, including Springer, BMJ and PubMed Central.

By aggregating case reports and facilitating comparison, Cases Database provides clinicians, researchers, regulators and patients a simple resource to explore content, and identify emerging trends.


To find out more about Cases Database take a look at our launch PR and blog post.

To celebrate the launch of Cases Database we are offering a 20% discount on the article processing charge to Cases Database users who submit a case report to Journal of Medical Case Reports. When submitting your manuscript, simply request a discretionary discount during the submission process, quoting discount code CASESDB2013.

What the experts say about Cases Database

"Researchers and clinicians can start to look for new knowledge, new associations, new side effects, new thoughts about disease processes and new understanding about the impact of disease on our patients and our communities"

Michael Kidd, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Medical Case Reports

"Because most patients these days have not one condition but many we have to move beyond randomized trials, which usually exclude patients with comorbidities.  A database of case reports will be invaluable in moving us forward."

Richard Smith, former Editor-in-Chief, BMJ

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